EU wants self-driving cars!?

      The European Commission is actively working on developing a system that would allow cars to drive themselves....
      It is a system called SARTRE (Safe Road Trains for the Environment), which is already in testing phase. This technology would enable the drivers of long-distance, for example on a highway, to move independently in the column without the need for management steering. All cars in this column would be equipped with radio links and sensors.
      As the highway curves are less common, the management of the column can take the driver of the first car while others can relax, read books without putting their attention on the road. In the time of arriving at the desired destination, individual cars can be separated from the column and continue the path by re-adjusting to the new situation.
The SARTRE system configuration

     This past year was developing phase of SARTRE, while the next two will be earmarked for its testing. It is expected the first test to be conducted with only two cars and then transferred to a test column of five cars. It is not yet known when this science fiction technology would be ready for commercial use, but one thing is certain that the future is very close. 

     But the question is:Do we have courage to trust the computer which will have our lives in his hands?