His Majesty - BMW 3 Series!

      Car lovers will wait another twelve months to officially see the cult, and certainly the most popular model of BMW. The new series 3 which has a very brave look, lighter and better engines and as announced by BMW, much sharper handling and driving utilities.

                    The new BMW 3 series will look like this

       Announcements by BMW are telling that this will be the most favorable series 3 car so far, not only because of the expanded range of engines and Gran Tourismo model, but because of the design which is much like the one recently represented Series 5th design.
Spy photos were taken during the car testing in Germany and they completely show the car, both inside and outside. From the photos can be seen that this BMW series 3 is the baby of the series 5 - Lifted limber and enhanced open air shows that. In BMW series 3 is notable more aggressive front grille, deeper front lights, and larger side wings.         Adrian Van Hoydoonk is the designer of the new series of the third.Can be said that his approach to design is far less controversial than that of Chris Bangle, his predecessor. The design is very fluid which drastically reduced air resistance.
       The platform will be rear-wheel drive, the one platform that will be carried by the next generation of series 1. The front suspension will be MacPherson, and the back suspension will be four-link . The new series 3 will have a new electric steering system. BMW's engineers will try to make this model fun and comfortable to drive.
       Because the sixth generation of the car is a bit wider and longer, increased space inside
is expected, but using of more quality but lighter materials is not excepted too.The inside reminds a little of the BMW 5 series, with gadgets such as Wi-Fi Internet, a new warning system, infra-red systems for night driving, system that will stop the driver to fall asleep behind the wheel and tempomat which is based on radar.
The new BMW 3 series interior
The new BMW 3 series interior design

        Series 3 will get 1.6 and 2.0 liter turbodiesel and benzine engines. These will have variable inject system as well as timing of the exhaust system. The direct injection should improve the performance and consumption of the car. Six-speed-manual gearbox will be standard, while there will be offer for eight-speed automatic transmission.
       It's expected this car to be a big friend of nature, mostly regarding to recent EfficientDynamics
innovations of BMW, which are containing a stop-start as well as returning of the energy generated during braking.
      But that's not all. Probably the most interesting finding is the announcement of BMW that they are working on three-cylinder engine that will have incredibly low fuel consumption and low emissions of CO2. In option stays and the six-cylinder 3.0 turbo engine which will be used in the M3.
      For this model we will wait until the end of 2011, while the coupe and kabrio promotion is scheduled for 2012.