10 bad habits that we want to remove in 2011 
       We are a nation of bad car-drivers, which still does not believe in that fact. The truth is, nobody is perfect and everyone of us has some bad habits without whom will be a better car driver - some trivial and silly, and some deadly and serious.
Here are some of the bad car driving habits that should be exterminated in 2011:
Talking on cell phone while driving
Talking on cell phone while driving

1.Talking on a cell phone  
       If you are talking on a cell phone while driving your car, your reactions are statistical 30%  weaker than the permitted limit of alcohol in the blood and is 4 times more likely to cause an car accident. 
       So, we recommend that, if the call is very important and do not want to miss it, drop four lights of your car, talk and move the car,that simple. And everyone will be happy including your mom which is so worried that you are talking while driving.

 2.Driving your car drunk 
       According to relevant statistics, 30 times(3000%) is more likely to cause an accident with a level of alcohol twice as the limit of the permitted than when you're sober. So the best advice would be to completely avoid alcohol and car combination. Maybe in the holidays period it is difficult to achieve, but there is no excuses for driving car under the influence of alcohol.
       The allowed limit is different in different countries but in majority of countries more than a glass of wine or beer is forbidden. However if you drink and drive it's likely that a good cop and bad punishment will sober u up and while the percentage of alcohol is increasing, increases and the amount of the penalty, and in extreme case can end up with jail. So the best advice would be: do not drink alcohol while driving, don't touch the car.

3.Driving car under drugs influence 
       The myth that police can not detect the presence of drugs in your system while driving died long ago, and penalties for car-driving under the influence of narcotic substances are the same as for alcohol. Any drug will reduce your ability to manage the car, and is on the limit of insanity to get in the car under such conditions no matter how "clearly" and superior u feel and how new and powerful your car is. The effects of drugs are often longer than those of alcohol, especially a day after using it.

 4.Driver's anger 
Angry driver
Angry driver
        There are no official statistics about the anger of the drivers, but you can remember how many times you get angry at some car-driver or someone was angry on you and it all ends up loud and with horns, and very often nowadays with fist fight. Research shows that almost six in ten people driving cars have experienced this problem. The most common car-drivers of this group are young people (18-25 years), which by definition are "fast and furious."There is no way to avoid completely, although you can try meditation in your car, nice music,tolerance and even vitamin B6 if it calms you down, although we are skeptical that our nation can be calmed down. However, lets try to reduce the problem in 2011. 

      Nowadays,in almost every location on the road are placed security cameras, which record your car behavior. Additionally, the controls on the cars with radar is  increased, so there is almost no chances to pass unpunished if you really drive your car over the allowable limit. A simple way to fix this it is to stop speeding. It's that simple. 
      Smaller gears means more safety for car-drivers and pedestrians and it's bizarre but it increases the flow of the traffic in the cities and on highways. On the other hand, fuel consumption increases with increasing speed, so if you drive the car moderately you will save on fuel. 
Writing SMS while driving
Writing SMS while driving

6.Writing SMS messages 
      Worse. Although for some reason we still think that writing messages while driving is more acceptable than talking on a cell phone, however consider. Recently, an accident happened in which a woman killed four people in a car while writing a message. Studies shows that the reactions are 35% lower while writing messages behind the wheel on your car, so DONT DO THAT.
7.Driving car very slowly 
       This problem is a bit specific because someone said that we promote aggressive behavior toward those who drive their cars very slowly in the traffic. Yet we must admit that there is a danger in driving car at speeds that are significantly below the allowable limit especially in one-direction streets where those who drive slowly are frustrating those with normal driving and usually faster drivers engage in overtaking maneuvers and in places that are not allowed about it. So do not drive too fast, but do not drive your car like a turtle either. 

      An inattention ride include everything from driving with cell phone in hand, driving in the middle of two lanes on highway, driving car at a fatigue or overtaking on the wrong places. Additionally recklessness means violation of basic traffic rules as not putting the belt on (driver and passengers belt). It also applies if you drive a car without insurance. 

      DO you drive your car on the left lane on the highway? If you drive into the left lane you are just frustrating the faster cars because it is the overtaking lane. Also, there will always be nervous car-drivers who will cut your road off because they want to arrive 34 seconds faster to the place they are going. Try this year not to be one of those car drivers. 

      To live modern, means to live green, and it can be transferred to your driving habits and plans. By changing yourself a bit you can change the world for better. In nowadays conditions maybe we can get involved in that green car driving, by going out on a picnic, at work, on shopping using alternative transportation such as bicycles, foot or public city transport,leaving our car to rest at home.
      Other details that you can adjust is to drive within the permitted limit, not to test your car's engine unnecessary, and turn off the car while waiting in place.

Let 2011 be happy-driving year, and we hope that this text will make us slightly better drivers.

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